1. Freedom of the mind and the flight of the frenchies

    If you live on planet Earth and surf the web I am quite sure you heard about the documentary "I believe I can fly (flight of the frenchies)".

    I am also sure you probably saw the trailer, shared it with some of your friends and then moved on with your life liking the next item on the Facebook wall. I do the same, most of the time.

    Last night for a fortuitous coincidence I decided not to move on, to read more about it, to donate some money and buy the documentary itself.

    I watched it and loved it but something else happened in the meantime.

    There was a moment in the documentary, when the highliners are preparing to do baseline (a mashup of base jump and highline) in Norway that I felt I finally understood what it means for the mind of some human beings to be free. Pure, liberating, freedom. A few instants after they jumped from a rope into the deep and misty void between cliffs, I found tears forming in my eyes. It was like their sense of freedom, their freedom itself could as well be mine. The profound feeling they were experiencing somehow resonated within me, yet in a different space, time and medium.

    The brain is one powerful instrument. I have many things to learn from individuals like them.

    I went out to run and run until my lower limbs and chest begged me to come to a halt. To stop and breathe. I rushed back and wrote these very, brief, words.

    I wrote the following paragraph first, read it countless times, almost deleted it once or twice but at last decided to share it even I’m still lacking the complete comprehension of it let alone make it come true:

    I think the meaning of life, at least my limited understanding of it, is to pursue the freedom of the mind in order to reach happiness and share such experience with others while on the journey.

    Do you agree?