1. Found a bunch of photos from last year!

    One of the best thing about film photography is forgetting about some roll of film somewhere, finding it again and have it developed to discover some nice pics. I’m not very good at keeping tracked and organized all the film I shoot.


  2. Sandstorm, Jardins des Tuileries


  3. NYC on film, 34 on Flickr.

    the tourists and the old lady

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  4. NYC on film, 33 on Flickr.

    Roller skaters, Soho

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  5. NYC on film, 32 on Flickr.

    Central Park pond

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  6. NYC on film, 30 on Flickr.

    Bottega Veneta

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  7. NYC on film, 29 on Flickr.

    Trump Tower

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  8. NYC on film, 28 on Flickr.

    Times Square

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