1. Again I would say its not about the camera! If you are serious about photography make images often, practice seeing and look at as much photography as possible, both work you like and do not like. Begin an internal dialogue that help develops your own unique way of seeing and making images. Know what you like and why you like it. Most importantly photograph something that you are passionate about, there is not much money or glory in what I do, all I have in the end is my love and respect for the subjects I choose. Do this because you love it. I have been working on this project since 1999 and only now in 2007 am I starting to get any exposure for the work. You must be patient and passionate. For me personally I must honor my subject, be faithful to the quality of light and work hard.
    — Camille Seaman's advice for aspiring photographers - http://www.camilleseaman.com