2. Virginia, July 2013


  3. Virginia, July 2013


  4. helenadagmar:

    Lawrence. Paris, July 2014.

    My by Helena Price - so happy for this pic :-)


  5. Hello Instax


  6. Backstage while I was assisting Monica Antonelli


  7. Erica, November 2013


  8. Self portrait


  9. Benny


  10. Nightswimming



  12. Silvia


  13. Print your photos and tape them to a wall. Look at them. Play around with the L, cropping and framing, and you will learn about composition and geometry. Enlarge what you frame and leave it on the wall. By looking, you will learn to see. When you agree that a photograph is not good, throw it out. Tape the best ones higher on the wall, and eventually look at those only (keeping the not-so-good one gets you used to not-so-goodness). Save the good ones, but throw everything else away, because the psyche retains everything you keep.

  14. Taking the picture might in fact be only the easiest part of the entire process. If photography is a visual language, the picture is only an expression of an idea. So, you need to have that message, that idea, concept, or proposal that you want to share with others. Then, the context in which that message is presented is highly important in understanding how the message will be received: a Facebook post, a photo book, a print on a gallery wall, will all have a different impact and will be received and understood differently.

  15. thelifeofm:

    If I’ve learned anything so far, it’s this: Success has a lot more to do with character than it does with talent. So does life.